Amar Demais – English



I won’t fool myself

nor deceive myself

When we meet, I won’t give a damn

I’ll lure you in, I’ll enwrap you

Don’t even try, no one will stop me


loving you

loving you so

wanting you

winning you over


What’s the point in pretending and lying?

Don’t try to avoid it, you won’t resist.

You’ll enjoy it,

just allow yourself.

‘Okay, wait and see, I won’t give up!


loving you

loving you so

wanting you

inviting you


I’m gonna invite you for that good old açaí,

If you try it, you’ll want more

You’ll even lick your fingers.

All becomes clear in your mind

Baby, you’re the one

Who’s gonna beg me


to love you

to love you so much

to capture you

to abuse you


I love you

You love me even more

I give you pleasure

You Fall in love


I melt

you hallucinate

I’ll capture you

I’ll date you

tradução DAVINA COWAN – 04/01/12